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Misha used to think he’d grow up to be a woman…

When he was four, he went to cub scouts with bright red nail polish on and long platinum blonde locks (x) .

When he was a teen, he still kept his hair long and flowing (as seen above) .

He’s said that having the world see him dressed in drag is “liberating and relaxing.” (x)

I think about this a lot.

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to all young tumblr people, i am old enough that my friends and peers are divorced, have children, are in AA, etc. and they all still watch ‘adventure time’ and take 100 selfies a day and overdraft their bank accounts and stuff. so don’t worry, you never have to grow up, you just get adult responsibilities heaped on top of your childish mess.

love, a 32 year old person who has $7 in her bank account and a new $6 pastel pink roll of duct tape.

ilu I love this

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